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How do I create an album
  1. Open obo.

  2. Click         > Albums >         

  3. Select the stories you wish to add (max: 5 min: 2). Click Next to proceed.

  4. Upload an image or take a picture for your thumbnail by clicking on 

  5. You can insert a 15s video preview            or a 5s audio preview       in the Add Snippet section.

  6. Enter a title for your album in the Album Name field.

  7. Provide a description for your story in the Description field (140 character limit).

  8. Choose a genre for the story in the Genre field from the dropdown menu.

  9. To adjust the visibility of your story, click on the Public field and select from the options in the dropdown: Public or Private.

  10. When publishing privately, you can Invite Peers to Album to share the album.

  11. Click Create Album to finish.

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